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Staff Council

Staff Council

Staff Development Grants


Full time regular staff may apply for a Staff Development Grant. Any program that promotes professional development and career advancement shall be considered for Staff Development Grants.

Proposals for Staff Development Grants should be directed to the Staff Development & Recognition Committee Chair who will present them to the entire Staff Council at the first meeting after receipt of the proposal. Proposals must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present. Individual grants may be awarded up to the maximum amount of $300. The awarding of Staff Development Grants is contingent upon available Staff Council funds.

To apply:

Submit a written request addressing:
1. Reason for request (i.e. conference registration, webinar, training session, etc.)
2. Amount requested
3. Total actual costs of the development (if different), and any support you have received from other areas (i.e. department, college, other grants, etc.)
4. Discuss how the opportunity will contribute to your professional development/career advancement
5. Any other information that you feel would aid the council in reaching a decision.